The ESTIA Project

“The part can never be well unless the whole is well.”

ESTIA Program refers to a Health Promotion & Prevention Program that aims to help people control the factors that affect their health and wellbeing. The philosophy behind this program is that we all face challenging issues in our everyday life that directly or indirectly affect our health and quality of life. Fear, prejudice, misinformation, lack of information or shame sometimes prevent us from timely acknowledging these issues and moving to adequate actions that will eliminate them. Simply providing people with access to information about various issues is not enough according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

ESTIA program is designed according to the standards of World Health Organization (WHO) for such programs. It addresses organizations who are interested in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to promote employees’ health and wellbeing in their work and personal life.

ESTIA Program is evolved around four basic pillars (Family Life, Social Life, Mental Health and Physical Health) and along four stages of interventions:

  1. Needs Assessment: Our initial goal is to examine through valid assessment tools the areas in which employees’ need be supported and empowered regarding the above 4 pillars.
  2. Education: Based on the findings, interactive training courses and workshops are specially designed to offer information and awareness about the challenging issues that managers and employees deal with, and encouragement to deal with them and to use the support services of stage 3.
  3. Support: Through an organized system of counseling services we provide support to employees, their families and closed ones (i.e.  24/7/365 Support Line, One-on-one/Group Counseling, Onsite Counseling etc., by specialized scientists)
  4. Program Evaluation: We evaluate the overall efficiency of the interventions of ESTIA Program upon its completion. All stakeholders, top and middle management, employees, counselors etc. are involved in this stage.