About Us


We believe that as members of a global society we all ought and deserve to be the best we can. The ultimate goal behind every other smaller goal in our life is to be happy and content through self-actualization, and become from a “potential being” an “active being”, the best we can. We care to develop people, not just skills. We care to build the mind, not just transfer knowledge. We care to educate people, not just train them.


Cave education is a potential booster aiming to help people & organizations discover, unlock and develop their capacity to achieve their goals while leading a well and meaningful life that promotes the general good in society.


We draw from the philosophical approaches and scientific knowledge that has been produced throughout the centuries regarding strategic management, people development & wellbeing ranging from the classical era of Plato, Socrates & Aristotle to the modern ages of Mintzberg, Seligman and Te Whare Tapa Wha.
We care to spread this knowledge to you in a simple intelligible way and in the appropriate context in order to not only train you on specific skills but to also contribute to your holistic development while triggering your critical thinking.
We design modern and innovative products & services for your development ranging from classroom training and experiential workshops to world-class mentorship & coaching and performance development systems.
“Excellence” is not a gift, but a skill that takes practice.
We do not act “rightly” because we are “excellent”, in fact we achieve “excellence” by acting “rightly”.”
― Plato


We have all joined together under CAVE because we share the same philosophy for human development, and the same passion to help people and organizations to succeed in their pursuits. We are all high-caliber professionals with decades of experience in HR Training & Development Projects in local & international market, and in a wide range of sectors and industries.


We might have different personalities, different expertise, different roles in the organization, but we have one common thing that binds us together; we are all enthusiastic Cavistas, and this turns all our differences in strong advantages for the pursue of our goals and our customers’ goals.